In his resignation letter, Lilyblad explained that he was disappointed about the reason the party gave him for not putting him on the candidate list for the European elections.

In some ways, Lilyblad's resignation letter comes as a symbolic message to the party in general and president Frank Engel in particular. Tellingly, the letter was sent to Engel last Saturday, which was also the day of CSV's European congress.

In his letter, the 30-year-old politician expresses his general disappointment and cites numerous reasons for his resignation.

Among other things, Lilyblad criticizes that the party opposed his vision of sustainable development and of foreign as well as European policies. In a related vein, the former member also explains that he can no longer support the party's vision of Luxembourg and of the rest of the world.

Lilyblad adds that he was also disappointed when, only one day before the party's candidate list for the European elections was presented, Frank Engel verbally told him that he could not run as a candidate. Engel allegedly told Lilyblad that he did not "represent the middle of society." Lilyblad, in return, questions whether the CSV's view of society is an accurate reflection of reality.

Lilyblad, who's the former director of the "Cercle de Coopération" and CEO of his own consulting firm, hopes to put his efforts and ideals to better use - outside of the CSV. It remains unclear if he plans on joining another party.

When questioned about Lilyblad's resignation, party president Frank Engel told RTL that "if you think that you have to leave when you don't make it on the list on your first try, then you should leave."