On Thursday, Tessy de Nassau was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Paris College of Art in recognition of her commitment to charitable causes and the furthering of education around the world.

Paris College of Arts was previously known as Parsons Paris, where celebrities such as filmmaker, producer, and fashion designer Tom Ford, and Count Nikolai von Bismarck, a German noble and photographer, have studied and graduated.

In addition to being awarded the honorary doctorate, Tessy was also named as the Paris College of Art's 2019 graduation speaker.

On Twitter, Tessy said she was "overwhelmed with joy" and congratulated the other Bachelor and Masters graduates.

On one of her Instagram posts, Tessy wrote that she is so happy her hard work and "many sleepless nights" have been recognised, feeling pleased that " [she is] more than just a wife of or a daughter of- that she] as [a] woman can also have [her] own merits."

She went on to write: "Still today, a woman is sadly often not celebrated for her skills, her merits and her tirelessness work— but rather assumptions are made that someone must have helped her, given it to her, arranged it for her. Lets break this stigma once and for all- shall we? ❤️💪📚 Huge hug to all my fellow colleagues, advocates, mentors, teachers, shapers, etc globally and to Frank who has and always does give me the feeling of being appreciated fully for my work and myself - You rock and inspire me everyday!"

To read more about Tessy's work in education, including her work through her NGO Professors Without Borders, for which she's currently undergoing intense training to raise money by taking part in "Vätternrundan" - the world's longest recreational bike ride, have a look at our previous coverage. Tessy is also working with the Montessori St Nicholas groups as a Global Partner of Education, among many other commitments.