Continuing her charitable endeavours, Tessy is participating in the world's largest recreational bike ride to raise funds for her NGO Professors Without Borders.

Prince Gabriel isn't the only family member engaged in charity - so is his mother, Tessy de Nassau. She will be participating in "Vätternrundan", a 300km cycling event around Sweden's second largest lake - with a surface area of 1,893km2, it's about 70% the size of Luxembourg (2586km2). An impressive task, we're sure she's glad it doesn't follow the outline of the country's biggest lake (Vänern), the surface area of which is 5,650km2.

Tessy is hoping to raise £9,200 through taking part of the race. Donations will go to Professors Without Borders, Tessy's NGO which aims to "improve teacher mobility around the world so that every student can experience a dedicated, professional and inspiring learning environment that will fire them up for their next stages in life."

You can support Tessy's fundraising campaign by visiting JustGiving.