In our ongoing series on Luxembourg's Royals, RTL Today delves into the history of the Grand Ducal family.

Having traced the Grand Ducal lineage down from Grand Duchess Charlotte through Grand Duke Jean, Grand Duke Henri and his children, this week's installment of Luxembourg's Royals brings us neatly to Luxembourg's youngest generation of royal offspring.

Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa have four grandchildren: Prince Gabriel and Prince Noah, sons of Prince Louis and his estranged wife Princess Tessy, and Princess Amalia and Prince Liam, the sons of Prince Félix and his wife Princess Claire.

Prince Gabriel and Prince Noah

The imminent birth of the Grand Ducal couple's first grandchild, Prince Gabriel was announced in September 2005 when it was revealed that Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa's third son Prince Louis was expecting his first child with girlfriend Tessy Antony.


Prince Louis and Princess Tessy at the baptism of their youngest son Prince Noah in 2007. / © Grand Ducal Court, Carlo Hommel

The announcement caused quite a stir at the time, since an unsuspecting Luxembourgish public did not know about Prince Louis' relationship with Tessy Antony and the young couple was still unwed at the time of the announcement.


Prince Gabriel (right) with his younger brother Prince Noah. / © Grand Ducal Court, Lola Velasco

Gabriel Michael Louis Ronny de Nassau was born on 12 March 2006 at the Clinique des Grangettes, a private hospital in Geneva, Switzerland. His parents Prince Louis and Tessy Antony were only 19 and 20 years old respectively when they welcomed their first child.

The couple later married and had another son, Prince Noah. Noah Étienne Guillaume Gabriel Matthias Xavier de Nassau was born on 21 September 2007, almost exactly a year after his parent's wedding.


Prince Gabriel and Prince Noah climbing the family tree. / © Grand Ducal Court

Because of the slightly unconventional circumstances surrounding their birth (at least by royal standards), Gabriel and Noah were not given titles until 23 June 2009, when their grandfather Grand Duke Henri made them Princes of Luxembourg on Luxembourg's National Day. On that same day, Tessy Antony was also granted the title of Princess of Luxembourg, a title she will lose when her divorce from Prince Louis is finalised.

Princess Amalia and Prince Liam

On 15 June 2014, the Grand Ducal couple's third grandchild was born at the Grand Duchess Charlotte maternity ward in Luxembourg City.


Princess Amalia enjoying the outdoors, looking very inquisitive. / © Grand Ducal Court, Lola Velasco

Princess Amalia Gabriela Maria Teresa bears the names of her her two grandmothers: Princess Claire's mother Gabriele and Prince Félix' mother Grand Duchess Maria Teresa.

Two years later, Prince Felix, Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa's second son, and Princess Claire (neé Lademacher) welcomed their second child.


Young Princess Amalia is clearly protective of her younger brother Prince Liam. / © Grand Ducal Court, Lola Velasco

He too was named for his grandparents: Grand Duke Henri and Princess Claire's father Hartmut Lademacher.

The young Prince's christening was celebrated in the Vatican, close to where his parents studied during their university days.

The family took an active role in the celebration, with Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume accompanying the service on his guitar.


Prince Félix with his wife Princess Claire and his daughter Princess Amalia at young Prince Liam's baptism in the Vatican. / © Grand Ducal Court, Lola Velasco, 2017

Since Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and his wife Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie do not have any children yet, Princess Amalia is currently third in line to the Luxembourgish throne, behind her uncle Guillaume and her father Prince Félix. She would be the first female monarch since the reign of Grand Duchess Charlotte (1919-1964).



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