Celebrate World Day of Veganism with the help of Luxembourg Insider and Kachen magazine!

November 1st is the World Day of Veganism, so we here at RTL Today thought we would gather some useful bits of information we've got on the subject, to help you celebrate the day!

What even is a vegan?

First off, let's clear up some confusion. The words vegan and vegetarian are thrown around like common knowledge today, but what about those of us who haven't brushed up on our vocab recently? Let's clear up any confusion, necessary or not.

A vegetarian is someone who follows a no meat diet. This means that while they do not eat meat, vegetarians will still eat animal products that do not result in the death of the animal. For instance, a vegetarian will pass on a chicken tender, but they will likely enjoy a classic cheese omelette. As with all diets, there are variations, and vegetarianism is no exception. While most vegetarians abstain from meat, others may only eat fish (technically perscatarians). Some vegetarians may eat no meat but love dairy. The possibilities are endless.

A vegan diet on the other hand, can be seen as more straight-forward. A vegan diet excludes all meat and animal products. If it comes from an animal, it's off-limits. Meat, milk, eggs, cheese, animal fat, animal-based gelatin and even honey (although this one seems to be a point of contention among vegans) don't make the cut for a vegan shopping list. Vegans too can have variation in their diets, but the general consensus among vegans is that no animal products are consumed.

Got it? Good!

Why would someone decide to go vegan?

Lot's of reasons! While there are a myriad of reasons why someone may decide to follow a vegan diet, a 2019 study revealed that most people decided based on 3 main reasons:

- For reasons relating to animals and their welfare (68.1%) 
- For reasons relating to health ( 17.4%) 
- For reasons relating to the environment (9.7%)

The remaining vegans fell under the category of "other" (4.8%), with their reasons for going vegan being predominately a combination of the 3 main justifications.

Tips and tricks for going vegan 

Are you curious about going vegan but not sure where to start? Here are a few pointers from our very own Do's and Don'ts on Becoming Vegan:

DO start small, if you change your diet completely from one day to the other and give up everything you're used to eat, you won't stick to it. Try for example to cut down your meat consumption and expand Meatless Monday to a couple more days, only have it once or twice a week instead of every day. Then slowly stop eating it altogether and start replacing other animal products, such as milk, with vegan alternatives.

DON'T rely on vegan junk food. It is tempting to just live off processed vegan food, especially when there is a vegan alternative for (nearly) everything, from ''chicken'' nuggets to ice cream. These might be convenient and taste good but in the long run only eating these is unhealthy and balance is key. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't consume them occasionally.

DO tell your friends and family that you've changed your diet, after all some things have changed and it is just respectful to tell them in case you're eating together.

DON'T mind if people make fun of you, you're doing this for you and in fact they are just being childish.

For more Do's and Don'ts on going vegan, check out the full article right here!

 I want to try some vegan dishes but don't know where to start! 

You're in luck because our friends at Kachen magazine are pros at whipping up vegan dishes (they've got some great NOT vegan dishes too)! We've rounded up a few vegan recipes that anyone can make, whether you're an established vegan or just interested in changing up your meal plan!

Drinks? Dips? Mains? We've got it all! Happy cooking and Happy World Day of Veganism!

Vegan Yoghurt 


© Kachen

Stop fretting about lacking vegan options in the dairy section and remix this simple recipe to your tastes.

You can find the full recipe here!

Everyday Vegan Mayo 


© Kachen

Looking for a new way to add to your vegan palette? This vegan mayonnaise is sure to do the trick, and with so many uses this creamy condiment is a must have for every kitchen.

Check out the full recipe here! 

Cucumber Mocktail 


© Kachen

Finding yourself in need of some mid-day refreshment? Make yourself this quick and easy mocktail, and if you don't have a Weck jar or don't know what one is -- fear not because this drink tastes good in all glasses.

Get mixing with the full recipe here!

Date Chutney 


© Kachen

Even the blandest of meals can be saved with the right chutney. Luckily for you, we've got your back with this date chutney!

You've got a date with the full recipe here!

Spicy Sweet Potatoes in Coconut Milk 


© Kachen

Cut the spicy with this recipe's sweet and creamy ingredients for the perfect potatoes for those of us with sensitive palates.

Have a look at the full recipe here!

Miso Noodle Soup with Mushrooms and Ginger 


© Kachen

Cozy, healthy, ready in under 30 minutes? This recipe has got it all.

Get slurping with the complete recipe here! 

Spring Rolls with Flowers 


© Kachen

Put the spring in spring roll with ingredients straight from the stem!

Get on a roll with the complete recipe here!

Lumaconi with roasted Tomatoes 


© Kachen

Fancy enough for date night, simple enough for dinner after a long day.

You can peek at the full recipe right here! 

Do You have a favourite vegan dish? Let us know in the comments below!