Just in time for parents who are already fed up with spending hours at the Schueberfouer watching their kids lose a small fortune a little at a time, a new game designed to make the process quicker and less painful has been introduced.

The game, called “Cash Toss” is just that. Players take all the paper currency they have in their wallets, crumple it up into a ball, and try to throw it into a basket, never to see their hard-earned money again.

“Whether you win or lose at this game, you lose and we win,” says game designer and operator Elron Smarck. “But you lose in a way that allows you to get back to activities you truly enjoy, like sitting on your sofa and scrolling down an endless newsfeed.”

Luxembourg City resident Baldur Sigurðsson says he is thrilled that finally there is a game that was designed with parents in mind.

“I used to dread taking my kids to the fair knowing I’d get stuck for hours watching them try to pop enough balloons to win a giant stuffed cactus in sunglasses, or toss a ring around the right post enough times to win a knock-off Fitbit that in any case would probably explode if they actually tried to charge it.”

This year was pleasantly different, he says.

“We did a few rides, ate a sausage, and when my kids demanded to play games, I smiled and said hell yes,” he said. “However, instead of giving them the wad of cash, I took it over to the Cash Toss, aimed at the basket, missed, and that was it – all over in about nine seconds.”

“We got home in time to watch ‘The Voice - Iceland,’ eat some fermented shark meat, and go to bed at a reasonable hour,’ he added.

While many say the new game is a positive game-changer for the marginally legitimate funfair games industry, some Schueberfouer game operators are crying foul, saying they cannot compete.

“I’m going to have to raise prices from ten euros to fifty, just to keep up,” said Paloma Lutz, who along with her brother Theo and nephew Drak operate a game that requires a physical feat that scientists say is impossible, even for world-class athletes.

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