A red alert was issued on Wednesday after it was revealed that a Luxembourger had infiltrated a popular expats Facebook group.

The infiltration was discovered after one of the group’s 8000-plus members asked for a cheese suggestion, to which a member named Estephania Makris responded, “Kachkéis.”

When another member wrote that he’d tried kachkéis and found it looks like melted snails, smells like old gym socks, and probably causes mutations, Makris said the description wasn’t fair.

“I’ve been eating kachkéis my whole life and I’m fine,” she wrote. “I love it.”

Within seconds, a red alert was issued. Admins launched an investigation and to their horror they discovered that Makris was a Luxembourger. She was promptly expelled and an apology was posted.

“This group is meant to be a place where expats can get together and freely air their expat thoughts, expat woes, expat suggestions, and expat concerns,” the admin wrote. “It recently came to our attention that a Luxembourger slipped into our ranks.”

“We promise to improve our screening procedures so that incursions like this never happen again,” the admin continued. “We’re considering having new members do something impossible for a Luxembourger, such as making them put mayonnaise on a Gromperekichelcher and eat it.”

In an attempt to rejoin the group, Makris pointed out that her mother is Spanish, her father is Greek, and she went to university in London.

However, admins revealed that they knew Makris had grown up near Bettembourg and speaks fluent Luxembourgish.

“According to the Expat Code, article one, section four, clause sixty-two, you’re a Luxembourger,” one admin explained, denying the request.

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