From Elvis Costello to Van Morrison, these funky tunes feature little ole' Luxembourg!

Luxembourg - Elvis Costello And The Attractions

Rolling Stone ranked Costello one of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. So naturally, he's written about one of the Greatest Countries of All Time.

Okay, let's be honest, in 'Luxembourg' he sings: "Don't start your morning moaning or you might wake up in Luxembourg", but maybe he's joking and actually would quite like to wake up in Luxembourg? Surely it's not that bad?

Get Well Soon - Godley & Creme 

This English rock duo, who originated in the 1970s rock band 10cc, pay homage to Radio Luxembourg (a predecessor to our very own RTL Today radio!) in this classic track:

I spend the night with Radio Luxembourg
Pop music crackles me to sleep
I tune the dial to Radio Luxembourg
It's better than counting sheep

Daddy's Car - The Cardigans

This Swedish rock band go all rock'n'roll by, err, going on a road trip in their father's automobile. On the way they pass through the Grand Duchy:

From Luxembourg to Rome
From Berlin to the moon
From Paris to Lausanne
From Athens to the sun
Our car became a spacecraft

You're No Fun Anymore - The Bluetones

We're back in Britain with Britpop purveyors The Bluetones, who wrote a whole album called Luxembourg. That's love! Or something spicier perhaps, as the song 'You're No Fun Anymore' is about an S&M relationship which has lost its shine. 'Luxembourg' is the escape word!

I can't say the word, whoa lux Luxembourg

On Hyndford Street - Van Morrison

Here's another song featuring the radio station Radio Luxembourg, rather than the country per se. Well, song is a bit of a stretch for this number. It's somewhere between a hymn to 'sunny summer afternoons' and a spoken word poem:

Take me back, take me way, way, way back
On Hyndford Street
Where you could feel the silence at half past eleven
On long summer nights
As the wireless played Radio Luxembourg

Lady from Luxembourg - Ronnie Ronalde

This one's a bit niche: a yodelling, bird-song imitating music hall singer with slick hair and a happy-go-lucky tone. He's enraptured by the lady from Luxembourg:

See her walk you see a dream
People talk wherever she's been
Hear her talk you know what I mean
The lady from Luxembourg

Luxembourg_Lxb - Mike Ross

And now for something completely different... Togolese/Luxembourgish artist Mike Ross shares his vision of 'beautiful dancing' in the Grand Duchy:

Luxembourg c’est pas que l’argent (Luxembourg's not just about money)
Luxembourg c’est pas que les banques (Luxembourg's not just about banks)
Au Luxembourg on sait aussi fêter (In Luxembourg we also know how to party)

Luxembourg - Jesse Harris

American singer-songwriter Harris focuses his summery melody on the Grand Duchy:

In Luxembourg on the grass
Did you know all that this would pass?

In the Days Before Rock 'n' Roll - Van Morrison

All-round musical legend Van Morrison is back for a second pass. Here he pays tribute ot his musical heroes: Little Richard, Ray Charles, and the source of much good music: Radio Luxembourg.

We went over the wavebands
We'd get Luxembourg,
Luxembourg and Athlone

Ask - The Smiths

By popular request we felt we had to include this number. Manchester's favourite rock band (well, alright, there are quite a few to pick from) reminisce:

Spending warm summer days indoors
Writing frightening verse
To a buck-toothed girl in Luxembourg

Bonus! Ons Heemecht (Our Homeland)

Okay so this makes it 11 songs, but we couldn't not finish with this real Luxembourgish classic, the national anthem. It really is a banger, isn't it?

In English the lyrics include:

Guard this, our Luxembourgish land,
From foreign yoke and woe!

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