We went to USINA22 to meet you all, interview bands, hang out in the sun, and snap a bunch of photos. Check it all out right here!

USINA22 is a two-day open-air festival at Neischmelz in Dudelange and took place this weekend (11-12 June). It was created in collaboration between the Town Council, De Gudde Wëllen, Esch2022 and den Atelier.

The festival was a terrific success and, in no small part helped by the glorious conditions, saw music fans get out and about across the many stages and attractions.

Gladly, RTL Today Radio was there to vibe with the crowd and the musicians alike and to capture the hottest performances for those of you who decided to stay in!

The line-up included global, as well as local artists with the widely known Kings of Leon headlining on the first day of the festival along other talented performers like the Lux-linked Tuys, the wonderful Livepudlian rockers the Mysterines (with whom RTL Today Radio have an interview), MNNQNS, Caribou, Indigo Mango and Francis of Delirium. During the second day of the festival we had the pleasure to watch Alice Merton, Josh (a late replacement for Fools Garden), Culture the Kid and Itinerantes Dance Orquestra, as well as Dj Frietmachine and Ecole de Musique Régionale Dudelange.

Check out the full line-up here.

RTL Today Radio also had an opportunity to interview Indigo Mango and ask about their experience at USINA22. It was their first time performing outside of Belgium - their home country - and they called it "an honour" to do so in the Grand Duchy. They also said that despite the heat, the crowd was really enthusiastic and eager to dance. You can watch the full interview below.

Stephen Lowe was there not only to cover the musical performances but also to find out how everyone was handling what we consider in Luxembourg quite a heat. Make sure to find out (in the video below) how hot is too hot according to the folks attending the event.

More photos from the festival