In the 11th season of 'The Voice Belgium', the Grand Duchy is proudly represented by two young and promising talents.

Eugénie Moine stepped on stage with Demi Lovato's song "Warrior". The 20 year old comes from Larochette and was able to impress the four jury members, ultimately joining the team of rapper Hatik.

Emma Sorgato competed with the song "Back to Black" by Amy Winehouse. The 20-year-old from the eastern part of the country also caught the attention of the four coaches. She ultimately chose the US-American singer-songwriter Beverly Jo "BJ" Scott as her coach.

Who is Eugénie?

Eugénie is 20-years-old, and only recently concluded her time as a student at the Lycée Robert Schuman. After her gap-year, the young singer plans to attend university next term to study either economics or music, a decision that is still pending. In the meantime, the young woman worked, without surprise, as a singer. She regularly performs with a band at various venues, such as restaurants or clubs.

Her mother, a former singer herself, offers her daughter support and encouragement. Fondly referring to her mother as her personal "little vocal coach," Eugénie states that they engage in training sessions, practicing singing techniques and essential tricks together. Not confined to a particular genre, Eugénie embraces a diverse repertoire and doesn't have a favorite song; she loves to sing everything!

When asked to sing a song, the young singer chose "Diamonds" by Rihanna.

Eugénie Moine bei "The Voice Belgique"
Déi jonk Lëtzebuergerin gëtt eis am Interview e klenge Bléck hannert d'Kulissen an eng Preuve vun hirem Talent.

Who is Emma?

Emma, aged 20, lives in eastern Luxembourg near the German border, and is currently studying for her bachelor's at the UBI business university in Wiltz. She previously attended the European School, where she learned German and French, but no Luxembourgish. The young singer says learning the language is still on her to-do list, as she thinks it is important to know the language of her birthplace, but to date, she has not had sufficient time to complete her Luxembourgish studies.

She says her mother inspired her love of music, singing with the young Emma from an early age and always playing music around the house. Emma wants her passion for music to continue into her future and hopes she will one day be able to make a living from it.

Emma opted to sing Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black" for her RTL performance, after successfully making it through the blind auditions with that very song.

Emma Sorgato bei "The Voice Belgique"
Déi jonk Lëtzebuergerin gëtt eis am Interview e klenge Bléck hannert d'Kulissen an eng Preuve vun hirem Talent.

What's next?

The next round of "The Voice Belgium" will see the two Luxembourgish contestants enter into internal "duels" with their coach's other acts. Each act will take part in a head-to-head battle with another member of their coach's team to compete for the chance to progress to the next stage.