Since Thursday, multiple videos depicting a girl being beaten and humiliated by another individual have surfaced on social media.

However, many platforms have taken steps to block the video as sharing content that displays bullying goes against their policies. When approached by our colleagues from, the mother of the presumed victim confirmed that she had given consent for the videos to be shared publicly. The family made a deliberate choice to go public about the incident.

According to the victim's family, their daughter was intentionally lured to a specific location at noon on Wednesday, where she endured physical assault and humiliation.

The images portray the victim kneeling on the floor while having a drink poured over her head. Numerous bystanders, predominantly teenagers, witnessed the incident and filmed it without intervening. The videos also show the 14-year-old girl being subjected to physical violence.

Expressing gratitude for the one person who reported the incident to the police, the mother of three emphasised that most people present did nothing to intervene.

Regrettably, she highlighted that the bullying continues even after the incident, as acquaintances send her comments, photos, and videos mocking her daughter's ordeal they found online.

That same evening, the family filed a complaint with the police. "But the police told us straight away that their hands are tied because they were dealing with minors. And the juvenile detention centre is overcrowded," said the woman, who wants to remain anonymous to protect her children.

The public prosecutor's office has opened an investigation

When asked, the public prosecutor's office and the police confirm that they are aware of the incident. In their reply, they label it an "extremely serious incident." The section responsible for safeguarding minors within the judicial police has been tasked with conducting the investigation.

The public prosecutor's office reminds the public that disseminating such videos is a criminal offence, as outlined in Articles 383 and 383bis of the Penal Code.

Article 383 covers the production, distribution, or dissemination of violent or pornographic content or any material that seriously impairs human dignity, punishable by imprisonment of one month to three years and a fine ranging from €251 to €50,000 if the content can be seen or accessed by minors.

Article 383bis imposes penalties of one to five years of imprisonment and a fine of €251 to €75,000 if the offence involves or affects minors or particularly vulnerable individuals due to their illegal or precarious administrative situation, pregnancy, illness, disability, or other factors.

Where can you get help?

Children and young people can contact the child and youth hotline at 116111.

Adults can reach out to the SOS Détresse helpline at 45 45 45.

The association Mobbing asbl (website available in English) also offers support specifically for bullying situations.

Additional resources and contact information for various support organizations in Luxembourg can be found on the website (website available only in French and German).