Video has emerged of a Cargolux plane in a dramatic aborted landing at Findel Airport on Saturday evening.

The cargo plane was scheduled to arrive in Luxembourg from Dubai at around 6:30 p.m. on Saturday. But the aircraft bounced on landing, hitting the runway with its left engine.

The pilot was forced to abort the landing and make an additional loop over Luxembourg. The aircraft finally did manage to land a few minutes later, this time without difficulty.

A regular Findel photographer captured the moment of the aborted landing, which was later shared on several accounts specializing in aircraft sightings. Several images posted by the witness on his Instagram account show scratches under one of the plane's engines.

Cargolux management confirmed the incident to RTL, stating the pilots "aborted their first landing attempt and completed an extra turn" to recover. "They landed safely on the second attempt." Cargolux confirmed that no crew member was injured on the plane, nor any personnel present on the ground.

However, the incident was reported to the civil aviation authority and an internal investigation is ongoing. The plane "suffered damage during the first landing attempt and will remain on the ground while carrying out the necessary inspections and repairs."