The Chamber of Deputies unanimously voted in favour of scrapping all remaining Covid restrictions on Thursday.

Rapporteur Mars Di Bartolomeo highlighted that no fewer than 30 Covid laws had been passed within the Chamber over the past three years. Thursday's bill will see the remaining measures for mask obligation and isolation scrapped.

Di Bartolomeo and other MPS emphasised that citizens are free to still wear masks if they wish, and underlined the importance of following appropriate health measures in hospitals and care homes.

Minister of Health Paulette Lenert looked back over the difficult period of the last three years and expressed relief that the situation had abated to the point of cancelling the last remaining sanitary guidelines. Lenert added that, although the virus is still circulating, the number of serious cases had vastly reduced and the health system was no longer under serious pressure.

The latest weekly report from the Ministry of Health saw the number of active cases drop by 1%, to 1,767, while 17 people were hospitalised with Covid-19, none of whom receiving intensive care.