A Left Party deputy showed the middle finger to a political opponent during a heated exchange in Luxembourg's Chamber of Deputies on Tuesday.

A verbal exchange between dei Lénk deputy Myriam Cecchetti and LSAP deputy Dan Kersch ended in Cecchetti sticking her middle finger up as she left the stage.

The video shows the moment at 6:05.

The left-wing politician had presented her party's position on the tripartite agreement and was about to finish her speech, but was repeatedly heckled by other MPs.
Among other things, she praised trade unions for their negotiation skills and expressed her satisfaction that the wage indexation is set to go ahead as planned.

In an interview, Kersch had accused Cecchetti and The Left of profiling themselves as the only supporter of trade unions, while in the Chamber she would often say the opposite of what unions demand.

Kersch then said to Cecchetti that "this is what happens if you don't write your speeches yourself". Some MPs smirked at the comment while others raised an eyebrow or two at the remark.

As Cecchetti had just reached the end of her time as speaker, Chamber President Fernand Etgen asked for the next speaker to come up, but not before insisting Kersch apologise for his remarks. Cecchetti promptly left the stage, gesturing with her middle finger at Kersch.