Although every Luxembourg resident is eligible to vote in the upcoming local elections this spring, only 12.5% of the foreign-born electorate has registered to vote.

There is still room for improvement in terms of getting foreigners to participate in the municipal elections.

In theory, every resident in Luxembourg has the right to vote in local elections, after the law requiring foreigners to have lived in the country for five years in order to vote was abolished.

Thus far, however, only 12.5% of eligible foreign voters have registered. When counting the number of people registered from the last municipal elections, only 5,700 non-Luxembourgers have registered to vote since July 2022. The registration rate is particularly low among younger voters, with just 1% of the 18-24 age group signing up to vote.

The majority of the potential voters who have registered are from Portugal or Northern Europe.

Syvicol president Emile Eischer ascribed the high participation of people from northern European countries to the fact that municipalities in their home countries have more power, and municipal work was more evident in residents' daily lives. He claimed this was less likely to be the case in southern Europe.

The highest number of registrations was recorded in the municipality of Bech; in contrast, Luxembourg City's rate is relatively low at just 8%, despite three-quarters of the capital's residents being foreigners.

The Ministry of Family is running a campaign alongside the municipalities to encourage foreigners to sign up. Anyone wishing to vote has until 17 April to register, either online using, or visiting their local municipal council in person.