LSAP MP Dan Kersch has called upon the government to rush through a bill to relieve citizens of the tax burden.

Following committee meetings in the Chamber of Deputies on Thursday, Kersch told RTL he was surprised by the Minister of Finance's statement earlier this week announcing tax relief of up to 500 million euros. The announcement was positive, he said, but also put the government under pressure to quickly put the proposed measures into practice.

Kersch advised the government should immediately work to implement targeted tax relief aimed as far as the middle classes.

Luxembourg's national debt currently stands at 24% of its GDP. Kersch said there was margin within the state's budget as people have been paying more and more tax on their wages. Now it was time to loosen the screw, he said.

When asked if Yuriko Backes' announcement was driven solely by the Minister of Finance herself, Franz Fayot, the Minister of the Economy, said that tax issues still needed to be discussed in the government. The coalition government was ready to do so, but Fayot did not specify when the discussions would be taking place.

Fayot added he was looking ahead to another tripartite meeting this year amid the uncertainties of the economy. Statec, the national statistics office, has already predicted a third index tranche for the end of 2023.