The Minister of Health was recently informed that a private birth centre opened in Bertrange, although this type of facility is not allowed to operate according to current legislation.

There is currently no legal framework to regulate the operations of private birth centres in Luxembourg.

During a Chamber session in October, Minister of Health Paulette Lenert was therefore surprised to hear that such a facility has been functioning in Bertrange since the autumn of this year.

During the respective session, held on 18 October, Minister Lenert noted: "We have no knowledge of this birth centre. If there is one operating, then it fails to abide by current legislation, including the 2018 hospital law, which only gives hospitals the rights to obstetrics, as well as the regulations for midwives, who are allowed to help carry out at-home births."

According to reports from Radio 100,7, ministerial officials subsequently paid a visit to the centre and a further meeting with midwife representatives is being planned. For the time being, the Ministry of Health does not want to comment on the matter, and neither does management of the private birth centre.