On Thursday morning, the Minister of Energy presented a national energy-saving campaign - starting with the government itself.

Turmes was joined by the Minister of the Interior, Taina Bofferding and the Minister for Small- and Medium-sized Businesses, Lex Delles, together with Syvicol representative, Serge Hoffmann, Fernand Ernster of the Chamber of Commerce, and the Chamber of Trades' Alexander Kieffer.

The new campaign encourages institutions and citizens to come together with a goal of saving around 15% of Luxembourg's energy.

Claude Turmes said everyone should make efforts within their abilities, and urged solidarity ahead of the coming months. Residents could save 6% by turning their heating down by a degree, or 10% by turning it down two degrees.

The government will seek to lead the way with making changes, said Turmes. All government buildings will limit heating to 20 degrees, with corridors not being heated at all where feasible. Civil servants will receive instructions regarding the new measures. Efforts will also be made to improve lighting and ventilation. The measures decided upon are not limited exclusively to the reduction of natural gas consumption, given that any energy saving on any supply (electricity, heating oil, fuels and so on) can also contribute significantly indirectly to a reduction in natural gas consumption at European level.
This measure could bring about a 10 to 20% reduction in the State's natural gas consumption.

Municipalities and businesses will also be encouraged to save energy. Businesses and private individuals can also expect letters with advice on how to save. In order to help companies find potential for reducing consumption, the Chamber of Trades and the Chamber of Commerce, along with the climate agency, will set up an advisory service and a hotline allowing companies to easily obtain advice. These measures could bring about a 20-30% reduction in the natural gas consumption of companies and the industrial sector.

There was not much more concrete information offered in Turmes' press briefing on Thursday, aside from advice to use cold water to wash hands, or for shops to close their doors to save on energy.

Turmes acknowledged that difficult times lay ahead, and he said he could not promise the all-clear even if the country's gas tanks were currently well filled. Any efforts were likely to be insufficient in the event that Russia stops supplying gas to Europe.

All EU countries have been advised to save around 15% of gas since August, with measures expected to last until the end of March. Turmes clarified that this is a voluntary savings phase at present.

On Friday, the EU energy ministers will meet for a crisis meeting.

Further details on the "Save together, stay together" ("Zesumme spueren - zesummen halen") can be found on the website www.zesumme-spueren.lu.