The new Space Campus will be divided over two sites. The campus in Kockelscheuer would focus on businesses, while the campus in Belval is meant for research.

Luxembourg is in the process of reorganising its space industry, which at the moment is made up of 1,200 employees working across 75 different companies.

A new research campus for the sector is planned for Belval while, a site for businesses will extend over seven hectares at 'ParcLuxite' in Kockelscheuer. The goal of both campuses is to improve synergy between all entities in the industry.

Minister of the Economy Franz Fayot believes there is great demand for the project: "We have many start-ups that we support via the 'Fit for start' programme, but several of them cannot find a place to launch their operations. That is why the space campus will be so important."

The headquarters of the Luxembourg Space Agency will also relocate to the main site in Kockelscheuer, which will further become the home of a new centre where small satellites can be tested in real-life conditions.

The second campus, focusing on research, will be set up vis-à-vis the 'Maison du Savoir' in Belval. The campus is to extend over 69 acres, with a future possibility to expand to 1.9 hectares.

Minister for Higher Education and Research Claude Meisch noted that the campus will unite three distinct entities from Luxembourg's space industry: "One is 'Esric', the European Space Resources Innovation Centre, which is currently part of LIST [Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology] and working closely with the Luxembourg Space Agency. Another entity active in space research is the SNT, the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust at And finally the university itself with its space master programme."

Said master degree has existed since 2019. 30 students are enrolled in this year's programme, eleven from the Grand Duchy and 19 from abroad.