Both directions of the Dudelange motorway are to be expanded to three lanes, a project which will however slow down traffic between Luxembourg City and France for years to come.

The construction site will open Tuesday morning and first affect the stretch between the Gasperich intersection and the Aire de Berchem. Next week, the site will then start moving in the direction of the capital and concern the areas further along the motorway.

During this initial phase, a number of trees will be cut down along the A3, but they are to be replanted elsewhere at a later stage. According to the National Roads Administration, authorities will also rearrange spaces for hazel dormice and install 180 nests in designated spots. Finally, a bridge for wildlife crossing will be installed over the Dudelange motorway.

The first phase of the construction site is scheduled to last one month and will regularly see stretches of the emergency lane being closed off.