The State council will debate the potential introduction of a vaccine mandate this Friday, Luxembourg's Prime Minister Xavier Bettel said on Wednesday.

The PM conveyed the news after an unrelated press conference on climate on Wednesday afternoon.

The DP politician underlined that there is no finished bill to approve yet, but rather a consultation document which MPs are to receive ahead of the respective debate. The proposed mandate text is then expected to be amended to include propositions made in the Chamber of Deputies.

PM Bettel explained: "We prepared this draft to have at least a baseline on which to build our discussions. There are several options left in there, we are not dictating anything. We are determined to listen to the Chamber and draw our conclusions with their help before filing a draft bill."

If a broad consensus for a vaccine mandate should be reached, then the text will be finished as quickly as possible to file it the following week, PM Bettel conveyed. There is no intention to introduce a mandate with only 31 votes, he further noted.