The most significant increase in new infections happened within the 60 to 74 age group.

727 residents tested positive for Covid-19 last week, 102 fewer cases than the week before (-12%). The number of PCR tests increased to reach close to 50,000 units.

The incidence rate for people between the age of 60 and 74 increased by 47%, the one for people between the age of 45 and 59 by 14%. Infections for people above the age of 75 and people below the age of 14 increased by 16%. Age groups 15 to 29 and 30 to 44 saw fewer infections than during previous weeks.

The overall incidence rate per 100,000 residents decreased from 130 to 115. A quarter of all new infections took place within family circles. Schools came in second with 16.7% of cases: 212 scenario 1 cases, 17 scenario 2, and 12 scenario 3. No infection chain was identified.

In 35% of cases, no infection origin could be determined.

When it comes to hospitals, eight people were admitted for regular treatment last week. Four patients remain in intensive care at the moment. The average age is 48 years. Last week, two Covid-19 patients lost their lives.

The number of fully vaccinated people increased to 310,000, with 38,000 people getting a shot last week.

More information on the distribution of Covid-19 variants will be published on Friday.