Here is a short list of all pertinent events that took place over the last few hours.

Although weather services have announced that it will keep on raining, the majority of the water masses have come down by now. Nonetheless, water levels remain high, with countless cities and villages flooded.

Xavier Bettel and Minister of the Interior Taina Bofferding will hold a press briefing this evening, after the government council meets for an emergency session at 5pm. We'll be covering the presser with a live stream + English ticker translations here.

Live ticker: Up to the minute flood information
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The municipalities of Echternach and Vianden have announced evacuations of several areas of the respective cities. In Vianden, residents of Rue Victor Hugo, Rue du Vieux Marché, Rue Théodore Bassing, and Rue du Ruisseau are being evacuated. They are being taken to the Larei culture centre where food and drink is provided, and like in Echternach they can then proceed to family or hotel accommodation. In Echternach the Trifolion venue is acting as a refuge and taking in people at this time. In Rosport the cultural centre "am Bongert" acts as the meeting place.

Insurers have turned to social media to dispense advice to clients on protecting themselves and their homes ahead of potential insurance claims. RTL has compiled a list of useful steps to take if you have been affected by the floods this week - read that here.

At least 32 roads are closed across the country. The areas around Rosport, Bour and Steinheim along the lower Sûre are worst affected, where 44 people have already been evacuated from their homes. Public transport has been disrupted as well, so passengers are advised to check their journey before they travel.

Emergency services have been operating throughout the night and therefore ask people to only call in for absolute emergencies, meaning life-threatening situations. At this point, not all requests can be answered. The emergency services ask that 112 only be called for vital emergencies, for rescue operations or for accidents and fires.

The Grand Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps has been called out 1,300 times so far due to flooding emergencies. No injuries or fatalities have been reported thus far.

Police have issued an appeal to people whose vehicles are parked in flood zones, asking them to collect their cars.

In Wasserbillig, water levels have risen across the "Spatz" and esplanade after the Sûre burst its banks.

The Red Cross has initiated a solidarity fund; those in need should contact either their office or the direct Red Cross helpline. The charity is also organising emergency shelter for people who cannot return to their homes.

Hesperange, Echternach, and Luxembourg City
Andréck vum Héichwaasser