Unfortunately, the times of spontaneous bathing trips seems to have come to an end. Only the Weiswampach lake can still be accessed without a prior reservation or time constraints.

Tickets and reservations

A reservation system has been put into place on Saturday 22 May, and will stay in effect until the end of the season. While a similar rule already affected weekends and holidays in 2020, reservations are now mandatory on weekdays as well. One person can reserve a maximum of five spots.

No reservations are needed for hiking or kayaking. People are advised to cancel their reservations should they be unable to come. Access around the lake is limited to the time between seven o'clock in the morning and eleven in the evening.

For further information, please follow this link.

Public transport and parking

Over the summer period, busses will run longer than usually. All schedules can be found on Mobiliteit.lu. From the large parking in Esch-sur-Sûre, Lultzhausen can be reached in six minutes, Insenborn in nine, and Liefrange in fourteen.

The parkings at beaches I and II in Insenborn cost €10 per car and €6 per motorcycle.

In Weiswampach, three free parkings can be found around the lake.

BBQ and food

Only BBQ grills that do not leave traces on the grass are allowed near the lakes. In Insenborn, a few fully installed grills can further be used by freely be everyone. Coals have to be fully extinguished before being put into the nearby bins.

The municipality of Esch-sur-Sûre has further decided to prohibit both dogs and loud music at the barrier lake.