The Minister of Health has commented on the contradictory statements put out by General Director of Hôpitaux Robert Schuman Claude Schummer and hospital spokesman Marc Glesener.

Minister Lenert stated that she has no additional knowledge on the case and is only aware of the rumours that are already circulating the country. Although she appreciates every private initiative to get more vaccine doses to the Grand Duchy, she explained that these have to be organised through the legal channels.

She thus deems the supposed steps taken by the Hôpitaux Robert Schuman as incomprehensible, as they failed to inform the government of their undertaking: "We cannot under any circumstances tolerate privatisation tendencies during a pandemic. Every dose of the vaccine counts and we still don't have enough for everybody. Should additional doses arrive in the Grand Duchy, then we have to integrate them into the national strategy."

Minister Lenert highly condemns efforts to hide private initiatives from public health officials. However, she also made it clear that she would not act on mere rumours and wait until there is more clarity: "If it turns out to be true, I will see myself forced to distance myself from the undertaking."

Unsurprisingly, the LSAP politician was unable to confirm whether or not Claude Schummer was still the General Director of Hôpitaux Robert Schuman. Hospital officials are yet to provide definitive information on the issue.

The Luxembourg Confederation of Christian Trade Unions (LCGB) also remains unaware of what is unfolding behind the scenes. Secretary general Christophe Knebeler commented: "It looks like a change in leadership is imminent. The process is not very transparent however, which is why clarity is urgently needed."