Rapid tests will be implemented in Luxembourg's schools shortly as a measure to protect staff and students.

"If the number of weekly new infections in our schools remains around 300, we do not have to fall back on home schooling", Minister of Education Claude Meisch recently stated in an RTL interview. For that reason, rapid tests will be introduced after the Easter holidays as a measure to increase safety inside schools. He elaborated: "We are soon launching the first major pilot project in six different institutions, four primary schools and two high schools. We will systematically test pupils once or twice per week."

Nevertheless, the number of new Covid infections in the Grand Duchy is on the rise again, and Minister Meisch acknowledged that officials have to adapt to the developments as they unfold. An analysis of the pilot project will show at what rate tests need to be conducted and how to best deal with positive cases.

In the meantime, opposition party CSV vocalised their loss of patience with the creation of a new legal frame to implement safety measures in Luxembourgish schools. Minister Meisch made it clear that his party advocates for a strict legal base to be embedded in the Covid laws, but emphasises that they cannot afford to lose the necessary degree of flexibility to react and adapt quickly to new events. He further noted that they should not be so afraid of the virus that they no longer dare to keep schools open and provide adolescents with the education they deserve.

Minister Meisch also reiterated his belief that the virus has always been under control at any given moment: "We are dealing with the situation and conduct the required analyses. At the moment, only very few classes have to be cancelled or taught remotely, and there are not many quarantines in the education sector." The DP politician finally expressed his hopes that pupils will soon have their freedom back again to foster social contacts.