Readers across all RTL sites have made a clear choice, and appear influenced by the Coronavirus crisis.

An exceptional year justifying an exceptional result: the readers of, joined for the first time by those of RTL 5Minutes and RTL Today, have voted for their Luxembourger of the Year, with frontline workers coming out as clear winners.

The result was the same for the women's and men's categories, so we decided to honour workers of both health and care sectors.

The vaccination campaign has started for both sectors over the last few days. We took the opportunity to give the award to Catarina Fernandes and her team at the CHL, as representatives of the entire health sector.

A second award was awarded to the care sector, represented by Sonja Kohnen and her colleagues at the sanatorium in Vianden.

Around 3,500 people took part in the poll on and voted for their favourite Luxembourger of the year 2020.

The entire RTL family would like to thank all of them, as well as everyone who suggested a candidate.

Carole Muller and Jacqueline Hogg have won an iPhone XS Max Gold and Bang&Olufsen headphones.


1 - The members of the health and care sectors

2 - Paulette Lenert

3 - Susanna Van Tonder

4 - Ferranti

5 - Fabienne Dimmer


1 - The members of the health and care sectors

2 - Jeff and Tom Schockmel

3 - Steve Schneider

4 - Xavier Bettel

5 - Giovanni Patri


2019: Jenny Warling (Karate) and Remy Eiffes (soldier)
Gwen Daufeld (works with people with dementia) and Jeff Herr (Wonschkutsch)
Martine Kohl (Street Angels) and André Bichel (police officer)
: Nathalie Scheer (ALS patient) and Marcel Steffen (police officer)
: Yasmine Grisius (police officer, posthumously awarded) and Jean Asselborn (Minister of the Exterior)
2014: Noémie Siebenaller and Camille Arend (the two workers of the association "Le soleil dans la main" who lost their lives in a plane crash in Africa and were awarded posthumously)
2013: Sylvie Conter (judge) and Gaston Vogel (lawyer)
2012: Eliane Leger (nurse) and Romain Hilbes (bus driver who had saved a life)
2011: Xavier Bettel (mayor of Luxembourg City)
2010: Andy Schleck (professional cyclist)
2009: Andy Schleck (professional cyclist)
2008: Jean-Claude Juncker (Prime Minister)

The entire RTL Today team wishes you a great 2021! As always, please be respectful in the comments