The country's first vaccination centre opened its doors on Monday 28 December at noon. Mobile teams have already started administering the jab in hospitals.

Head Nurse Catarina Fernandes and Nurse Kevin Nazzarro became the first two people in Luxembourg to receive the Covid-19 vaccination at Hall Victor Hugo on Monday 28 December.

Saturday saw the Grand Duchy's first delivery of 9,700 vaccine doses with which 4,850 individuals can be vaccinated with. These doses are first designated for health care staff. We have reached "an essential step" in the fight against the pandemic, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel said.

Catarina Fernandes is the Head Nurse at Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg's (CHL) department for infectious diseases, which was quickly transformed into Luxembourg's first Covid-19 station in the early days of the outbreak. Fernandes became the first person to receive the vaccine at Hall Victor Hugo on Monday.

Kevin Nazzarro is a nurse on CHL's Covid-19 floor, one of thousands of cross-border workers in Luxembourg's healthcare system.

Roughly 800 hospital staff will be receiving their first jab on Monday and Tuesday at Hall Victor Hugo in Limpertsberg. They come from different hospitals, with 200 people per group, meaning staff from four hospitals are set to be the first to receive the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine. Wednesdays are reserved for care home staff.

Those receiving their first jab this week are expected to get the second dose in the week of 18 January.

Vaccinations have already begun in hospitals themselves to speed up the process and prevent all staff members from having to travel to the centre.