The Association of Luxembourg Student Organisations (ACEL) held their General Assembly on Boxing Day and reiterated that 2020 has been anything but an ordinary year.

One of the main topics of discussion during ACEL's General Assembly was once again the international restrictions affecting Luxembourg students.

The association praised the cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stressing that help and information had been provided quickly. This ensured that the majority of students were not completely lost, despite the difficult circumstances.

ACEL also welcomed the additional student grants provided by the Centre of Documentation and Information on Higher Education (CEDIES).

In August, a number of countries classified Luxembourg as an "at-risk" zone for the second time in 2020. Since then, ACEL reported that it had received a total of 861 applications for a free Covid-19 test. The majority of applicants were enrolled at a German university.

ACEL had to cancel many events in 2020, among them "Student for a day", a project which aims at introducing secondary school students in their final year to university life. This usually involves trips by bus, but this year the event had to be offered in a purely digital format.

ACEL naturally hopes for better circumstances in the new year. Benjamin Kinn will serve as the association's president for 2021. ACEL's 2021 budget is set at approximately €70,000.