The National Reference Centre for Affective and Sexual Health (Cesas) issued a press release last week, which set out the implications of the Corona crisis on sexual behaviour.

The biggest areas of concern for the organisation are rising levels of hyper-sexualisation on social media and the increased circulation of child-pornographic material. They further lament the lack of direct access to information and contraceptive products.

The organisation also identified restricted social circulation as the measure that affected young people the most. Due to the lockdown, friendships and sexual relations moved to the digital sphere, a trend that should be met with caution, according to Cesas officials: "In previous years, we dealt with around 30 to 40 cases of child pornographic material ending up in the wrong hands. In 2020, we have already dealt with more than 70 such incidents."

As a result, Cesas increased their efforts to better educate children on sexual behaviour and terminology over the past year. "It is important that children are taught that their bodies can be off limits, and that they know how to express themselves", officials further conveyed.

The organisation will hold the second edition of its "sensitivity week" from 7 to 13 December this year, which will include workshops in French, German, and Luxembourgish.