The Monday evening update showed that another 39 people had tested positive for the virus, while the number of dead increased from 36 to 41. The number discharged from hospital also increased from 241, to 253.

850 cases were confirmed between Monday and Sunday last week (ending 5 April). The week before that (23-29 March) saw some 1,152 cases, and the week before that saw 721 confirmed cases. You can see the development of the daily number of confirmed cases in the second graph below.

We will also be providing new, hopefully more positive figures soon, such as a better overview of the number of hospitalised and released patients. One piece of uplifting information is that the number discharged from hospital increased from 190 to 241 between Saturday and Sunday, and reached 253 by today's update.

In related news, we may soon see some new information on the lifting of Luxembourg's lockdown.

For the latest updates on the coronavirus both in Luxembourg and abroad, see our live ticker.

Development since start of outbreak

New cases per day