St. George's School and International School of Luxembourg have announced contingency measures in the event of a coronavirus infection at the school.

St. George's

Writing to parents of pupils, St. George's officials state "the Ministry of Health has further advised all schools in Luxembourg yesterday that if a member of staff or a student falls ill with the COVID-19 virus, they will require the school to close for 14 days and all staff and students will need to remain at home for that period. If a case therefore occurred at our school, we would need to close."

Due to the impossibility of planning for any infections the school can only inform parents on an ad-hoc basis and have stressed that all families need to be aware of that eventuality "now and remain prepared for this happening in the weeks ahead.

Parents (and indeed pupils) will not have access to the school during the 14 day closure period, the school insists that this will be communicated to all parents using their established SMS, e-mail, app and website channels.

Further, the school notes that examination classes in Year 11, 12 and 13 may be impacted; "we will make alternative arrangements with the examination boards if we are closed during the examination period."

This news follows the announcement from Lycée Vauban that they too will follow Ministry of the Health guidelines.

International School of Luxembourg (ISL)

ISL outlined a similar approach to that above, noting that the school will be immediately closed should any member of staff or student be found to have been infected. Their announcement says that the school director should be informed by the ministry by approximately 6am, at which point all parents will receive notification by SMS, e-mail, and through the parent portal.

An important note is that the school also intends to include "a phased approach to virtual learning," which indicates that some degree of teaching will continue, from home, should the school be temporarily closed.