The management of the Vauban school sent all parents an email on Wednesday revealing its plans in the event of a coronavirus outbreak.

The Vauban school is preparing for all scenarios, including a worst-case scenario.

In the email sent to parents, the management of the school based in Gasperich revealed its measures if one of its students or staff members were to be diagnosed with coronavirus.

In this hypothetical situation, the school would close for 14 days in accordance with confinement measures outlined by the Ministry of the Health. If this were to occur, there would be no access to the establishment for the duration of this period.

The school's management nevertheless stressed that this "extreme" measure remains unlikely, but details that in the event of a contamination, students would be advised to leave a minimum of personal belongings at the school, namely in their lockers.

The school is also considering how to offer distance learning if this were to be the case.