Blood transfusions can lead to complications every now and again, affecting both donors and patients.

Figures cited by Minister of Health Etienne Schneider in a response to a parliamentary question submitted by Green MP Josée Lorsché reveal that blood transfusion complications are on the rise.

Over recent years, complications in giving blood have increased among the around 13,700 blood donors. In 2018, there were 300 cases of complications and figures available for 2019 (which go up to November) reveal a further 250 cases.

As for recipients of blood transfusions, there are fewer complications - in 2018, there were 24 cases and in 2019, a small increase to 27 incidents.

Schneider contextualised the figures, detailing that around 4,600 patients received blood transfusions in hospitals around Luxembourg in 2018. In that same year, the Red Cross was able to collect around 22,500 bags of blood thanks to donors.

Complications in blood transfusions include anaemia and bacterial infections transmitted through the blood of the donor. The minister confirmed that there is no compensation fund for the victims of such medical accidents.