Police responded to no less than 24 noise complaints on Saturday night.

Exasperated neighbours all over the country called police to complain about loud parties on Saturday night. Police consequently headed to private apartments and houses in Bonnevoie, Limpertsberg, Alzingen, Esch, Lasauvage, Schengen, Remich, to name but a few municipalities.

According to the police report, the noisy individuals were reasonable and conceded that they had been too loud.

A bar owner in Dudelange was fined for not respecting the closing times of the establishment.

Driver's licenses suspended

Around 10.50 pm, police were alerted to a van swerving across the road on the A6 towards Arlon. The van was involved in an accident shortly later and stood immobile in the middle of the motorway.

The intoxicated driver, police later found out, had hit a road sign, shredded one of the van's tires and consequently lost control over his vehicle. Nobody was injured. Police revoked the license of the drunk driver, who also failed to present valid car documents.

Another drunk driver was pulled over in Belvaux around 11.20 pm. He also had to hand over his license.