The new building of the National Library of Luxembourg has sparked a lot of interest, with many residents sating their curiosity and exploring the new Kirchberg site.

14,000 visitors took the opportunity to explore the National Library (Bibliotheque nationale de Luxembourg -BnL) during its open weekend. Of those visitors, 1,200 registered as members of the library.

Many wanted to make the most of the open-day weekend to look at the new building in its entirety after the BnL opened to the public on Tuesday. The new reading room boasts 200,000 freely-accessible books, and the library also offers conference rooms and a 24,000 square metre atrium.

The National Library is a legal deposit, meaning a copy of every Luxembourgish publication is kept at the library. The library also showcased some of its books, with children's books being especially popular at the open days.

In addition to having a peek into the library, the BnL's management also organised tours behind the scenes, as the books and documents in the reading room are but a fraction of the many items available at the library. The library keeps many documents in its storerooms, which are kept at 18 degrees Celsius, and documents can be accessed on request.