The Schueberfouer can be a wonderful experience for children, but highly stressful for parents, especially if their child has a tendency to run off. The police have announced they will be running their free 'lost children' service at the 2019 edition of the fair.

Mainly addressed to parents visiting the Schueberfouer with their children, the service is also available to childcare centres and other organisations likely to visit the fair with children.

Broadly, the service aims to streamline locating and finding children who may have lost their parents at the fair in order to make the process as quick and painless as possible.

Those who will be charged with looking after one or more children when visiting the fair can register them in advance by filling out a form on the online police station.

The next step occurs at the fair, where the parent or guardian goes to the police's onsite station, where they receive a sticker with those details, namely with the name of the child, the phone number of the police station, and a code allowing police officers to find the child's guardian or parent's details, which the child should keep on them at all times.

© Domingos Oliveira/ RTL

On the one hand, if a police officer encounters a lost child, this sticker allows them to quickly identity the child and contact the person looking after the child. On the other hand, residents who may find a lost child will have the details for the onsite police station to let them know about the lost child.

Registrations will be valid for the entire period of the Schueberfouer and can be done in advance by filling out the form on the above link.