The municipal council of Luxembourg City has announced the new attractions which will feature at the 697th edition of the annual Schueberfouer.

The Schueberfouer is due to begin on Friday 23 August and last until Wednesday 11 September.

This year, the Glacis car park will host a total of 250 stands, including 16 children's games, 13 restaurants, and 16 confectionery stands.

The announcement revealed that there are six new attractions coming to the 2019 Schueberfouer.

Alpina Bahn

Known by Munich Oktoberfest visitors, the Alpina Bahn roller coaster is coming to the Schueberfouer for the first time this year.

The roller coaster is the biggest portable and family-friendly figure 8 roller coaster in the world.

Techno Power

The highspeed ride uses suspended pods and has an acceleration speed of up to 4G. In addition to sitting, the ride  has a 'lying down' option, which will definitely be turning your heads!

Crazy Clown

Both the name and the photograph of this new game speak for themselves, we believe.


Only one of two such rides in Europe, the Transformer will absolutely be a unique experience, using three combined rotation axes and 16 metres loops.


This 25-metre tall ride is another unique one and uses three different types of rotations.


The retro carousel will go as high as 80 metres with maximum speeds of 70 km/h.