The fact that Luxembourg has the highest minimum wage may not be a surprise, but this interactive map helps put things into perspective.

Luxembourg already had the highest minimum wage in the union, a position that was further strengthened through the recent €100 increase.

The minimum wage in the Grand Duchy currently stands at €2.089.75, compared to €1,656.20 in Ireland, the country that comes 2nd in the EU. They are followed by the Netherlands (€1,635.60), Belgium (€1,593.81), and in fifth place is Germany (€1,557).

Neighbouring France comes in seventh place at €1,521.22, just shy of the UK's €1,524.52.

The interactive map is in French, courtesy of our colleagues at 5Minutes. Some countries do not have a set national minimum wage, rather it may depend on activity or negotiation with unions, etc.