Imagine you're a tourist, strolling through Luxembourg City... and your tour guide is no other than Prime Minister Xavier Bettel.

On Monday afternoon, Luxembourg's Prime Minister made some time to participate in the "Guide For One Day" initiative and take 25 people to his favourite locations in Luxembourg City.

The journey kicked off at the recently renovated Hôtel Saint Maximin, which now serves as the main seat of Luxembourg's government. This visit also marked the first time that the press could take a glance at the "new" premises.

The merry group then flocked from Place de Clairefontaine towards the Chemin de la Corniche, which, according to Bettel, offers the most beautiful views over Luxembourg City.

Other notable stops included the building of the state council, Saint Michael's Church, Luxembourg's Parliament and the palace. As the former mayor of Luxembourg City, Bettel also insisted on showing his group the inside of City Hall.

The "Guide For One Day" project was brought to life in 2017 and has known great success since.

The goal of the initiative is to bring together locals with tourists, expats or anyone else who is interested in discovering new beautiful places.

There will be more guided visits with more or less famous guides until 15 September. Registration is free:

Video in Luxembourgish:

De Xavier Bettel als Guide fir een Dag
Eng Visitt duerch eis Haaptstad, geleet vu kengem anerem wéi dem Staatsminister Xavier Bettel.