Seven men standing trial for a series of break-in stand accused of having targeted hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops, businesses, and private homes. The financial damage of at least 88 break-ins stands at €170,000.

The trial concerning the serial burglaries between 2014 and the end of 2017 continued on Tuesday, as lawyers predominantly appealed for their clients' acquittals. The main defendant is medically excused from the trial, a fact deplored by several of the lawyers present.

Whilst the police estimate the financial damage resulting from the burglaries at €170,000, the defendants' actions also involved a significant amount of material damage, including a vast quantity of stolen cigarettes.

The main defendant's lawyer highlighted that her client was absent due to his diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder, a point met with cynicism by the president of the court. The lawyer responded that a psychiatrist diagnosed her client's mental state, pointing out that he had been threatened by two of the other defendants.

Despite the main defendant's absence, the judge noted that the lawyer's client was the main thread linking what was otherwise a number of variables. The man had worked prior to his descent into crime, which raised the question of why he set up a burglary ring. The lawyer responded in return that if the man had been the specialist the prosecution implied he was, he would have used gloves to avoid leaving DNA traces. The lawyer appealed for at most, a suspended prison sentence for the crimes the man admitted to.

The other lawyers were quick to point the blame at the main defendant, one lawyer representing two defendants maintaining that his clients had had no information of any plans. Another lawyer representing another defendant claimed his defendant had not known he had been participating in infractions. Other lawyers also claimed there was no proof against their clients, calling for them to be acquitted.

The trial will come to its end on Wednesday.