Not everyone is happy about the ongoing construction works on Place Guillaume II (Knuedler). The construction noise is having a negative impact on the lunchtime business of the local restaurants.

Not everyone is pleased that the construction works on Place Guillaume II are set to continue until 2023 - that much was clear at the market. Yet nobody really wanted to say it on camera.

When Giordano Bruno took over a small café on Place Guillaume II in 2014, the construction works had been underway for nearly a year. They noticed that constructions noises keep customers away at lunchtime. The current view from the terrace are panels that show what the square looked like in the past.

The parking lot is scheduled to open in 2021 and the square itself should be completely finished by 2023. The city's mayor said that the aim of the project is to give more charm to the old parts of Luxembourg City.

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Aarbechten um Knuedler
De Chantier soll nach bis 2023 daueren, wat déi wéinegst Leit glécklech mécht.