According to a new poll carried out by Luxembourg polling organisation TNS-Ilres, the Christian socialist CSV party has lost 4% of intended votes but would still take 3 seats with such a level of support.

Had the elections taken place today, the results for the eastern constituency would have been as follows: the CSV continues to lose votes but manages to maintain its place as the strongest party, while the centre-right Democratic party DP would lose its second seat to the ADR.

These are the results of the Politmonitor poll organised by TNS-Ilres for RTL and the Lëtzebuerger Wort newspaper.

DP loses one seat Of the seven seats that the DP fills for the eastern constituency the party would lose one to the nationalist ADR party.

CSV and ADR less popular than in 2017.

The most striking development is the relative decline of the CSV. Compared to December 2017, the ADR and the CSV have lost intended votes, while their popularity had increased during the legislative period.

The coalition parties experience a slight increase, whereas left-wing Déi Lénk is the big winner in the east with a 3.5% increase in intended.

Compared to October 2013, it is also striking that the socialist worker LSAP party loses 3% while Déi Lénk win 3%.