Are you learning Luxembourgish? Would you like to léieren it faster? Then this new Geschier may be just what you've been looking for.

Given that Luxembourgish is a rather 'small' language, there isn't that much content out here for us learners to draw from in our day to day (apart from reading news on RTL.LU, of course, then heading to 5Minutes and Today to check your understanding). That's where LëtzRead aims to give a helping hand.

The basic concept is that you install the free plugin (available for Chrome), and as you browse English websites the plugin will sneakily and automagically translate a few words into Luxembourgish. The idea is that it will help you expand your vocabulary as you learn new words by context. If you don't understand a word, just hover over it with your cursor and a translation will appear.

Check LëtzRead out right here.