Finding a good GP, and one that speaks English (or another language beyond FR/DE/LU), is a main concern with many expats. Here's what you need to know!

This article is meant as a quick guide to finding a healthcare provider, without going into too much detail. If you want more detail, see our article on everything you need to know about hospitals, doctors, and pharmacies, and this article which lays out how the healthcare system works and how to register. They go into far more depth than we'll cover in this article.

General practitioners in Luxembourg: Languages

Unsurprisingly, French, German, and Luxembourgish are the main languages spoken by GPs in the Grand Duchy - but of course a lot of them are perfectly happy to speak English as well.

Other languages are likely to be slightly trickier (depending on the language) — but far from impossible. Doctena (more on them below) have listings of doctors happy to consult in one or several of 25 different languages, for instance.

Finding a doctor that speaks your language

We've already dropped a hint at one way to go about this: This is an online platform that lists many of the GPs and other medical practitioners practising in Luxembourg, and depending on the doctor's preference you may also be able to book an appointment through the website.

But you shouldn't give up if they don't return any results for a doctor that speaks the specific language you're looking for.. Their database isn't exhaustive, and another place you can check is Editus - just search for e.g. Doctor and the specific language you're looking for.

A third option is to call your embassy/consulate, who will often have details on doctors that speak a specific country's language[s].