Looking for help with addiction issues? You’re not alone: there are plenty of services offering help for addiction in Luxembourg.

It has been widely reported that the coronavirus pandemic has led to a rise in addiction, with uncertainty, anxiety and boredom pushing many towards alcohol, gambling or drugs.

Here’s how to get help in Luxembourg.

Anonymous groups

Alcoholics Anonymous are present in Luxembourg, with an English-speaking group meeting on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. You can find more information here.

Narcotics Anonymous are also available to help those with drug-related addiction issues. Their meetings are currently online due to the pandemic, but there is a weekly Zoom meeting. There’s more information on their website.

Anonym Glécksspill (Gambling Anonymous) provide help for those with gambling issues.

Local groups

There are a number of Luxembourgish groups helping addicts, although they may not all be accessible to English speakers as most are in either French, Luxembourgish or German.

These include the Centre Äddi-CJugend- an Drogenhëllef Fondation and the Centre National de Prévention des Addictions.

There are also several helplines, such as the helpline for drug addicts and their families (49 10 40) and the drug and alcohol information helpline (47 57 47). Children of drug addicts have their own helpline, the Kanner Jugend telefon (116111).

For those needing medical attention, meanwhile, the Rehaklinik provides care and rehabilitation services.

Addicts seeking a safe space to consume, while also receiving first aid if needed, can visit the Abrigado clinic in the Gare neighbourhood.


The online platform Suchtberodung.lu offers young people with gaming and gambling addictions an opportunity to reach out for help.