When you move to a new country, it’s vital to know who to call in an emergency.

Dialling 911 after an accident isn’t going to help you here!

So what are the numbers you need to know in Luxembourg?

The basics

In a medical emergency, your safest best is to ring 112.

That’s the number to call if you have had a car accident, injury or sudden illness, or in the case of a fire.

It’s also the right place in case you need an emergency locksmith (although they might not be too impressed with you!)

This being Luxembourg, most operators will speak decent English, and you should try to be as concise and precise as possible about the nature of your emergency.

If it’s a police-related emergency, however, the number to call is 113.

This is the right number to call to report a criminal offence such as theft, burglary, assault or even more serious incidents.

Other numbers 

The CGDIS (Corps Grand-Ducal Incendie & Secours) have provided a helpful list of emergency numbers to deal with various kinds of issues, from domestic abuse to support groups.

You can find that here.

For medical emergencies, it’s usually best to ring 112, but in case you need more specialised services, follow these links to find emergency vets and pharmacies.

For urgent gas or electricity issues, ring (+352) 8007-3001 or 8002-9900 respectively.