Welcome to the weekend! Grab bread outside Mudam, book a tour of the new stadium, see fado in Echternach, go ice skating and meet us at the Bazar!

1. Meet RTL Today at the International Bazar!

What: Once in a lifetime opportunity (kinda?)
LuxExpo, 10 Circuit de La Foire Internationale, 1347 Luxembourg
When: Friday (6-9pm), Saturday (10am-8pm), Sunday (11am-6pm) - info & ticket reservation

Folks, it is the annual happening to celebrate Luxembourg's cultural (and especially culinary) diversity: the International Bazar is taking place this weekend. All proceeds here go to charity. And you finally get to meet the mysterious journos behind this website, as RTL Today is the official media partner of the event. We'll have a stand and you can come chat to us while Stephen ponders his next weather post or Martin rants about the sparkling water tap being broken. Don't chat to Josh about your dislike for porridge - he eats it every morning and treasures the sloppy stuff. If all of this sounds unfamiliar, well, come chat to us and we'll bring you up to speed. Oh, and we're also giving away a MacBook. Hurray!

Watch this video of a previous Bazar edition!
The Bazar International de Luxembourg is unique - now in its 58th year, it is the largest charity fundraising event in Luxembourg.

2. See fado icons at Trifolion Echternach

What: Dulce Pontes + Carminho
Trifolion, 2 Prte St Willibrord, 6486 Echternach, Luxembourg
Friday, 26 November and Saturday, 27 November at 8pm - info & tickets

Fans of world music and Portuguese fado will not have missed this upcoming weekend's concert series at Trifolion Echternach. Both Dulce Pontes and Carminho are coming on Friday and Saturday, respectively. Dulce Pontes is a true fado queen, who has travelled the world in her career spanning several decades, collaborating with artists such as Ennio Morricone and Andrea Bocelli. Carminho is part of a new generation of fadistas, and one of the most popular in her country - both these performances are full of soul, storytelling and passion, with beautiful arrangements by stunning musicians on stage.

See our interview with Dulce Pontes here.


3. Hear stories of the Spanish Civil War

What: Historical drama piece
Neimenster, 28 Rue Münster, 2160 Luxembourg
When: Friday, 26 November and Saturday, 27 November at 8pm - info & tickets

Once the Spanish Civil War was over, the Franco regime began to repress opponents. Thousands of people went into exile, suffering humiliations, unfair trials, deportations, imprisonments and death. "Memoria de les oblidades" is a drama piece based on historical documents that attempt to retrace the lives of Maria, Annita, Dolores and Teodora. Alone, far from their families and locked up in difficult conditions of detention, they were buried in the mass grave of the Tarragona cemetery. On Friday the performance is in Catalan, Spanish on Saturday.


4. Explore Luxembourg Winterlights

What: Glühwein, Lebkuchen & more
Around Luxembourg City
When: Between now and 2 January - info here

The Winterlights programme is back to light up the capital's streets and skies with wonderful Christmas decorations, as well as waft the beloved smell of deep-fried Gromperekichelcher around. Thirty five chalets are on Place d'Armes, the ice rink as usual is on Place Guillaume II, and little shops and stores fill the space beneath the Golden Lady. There is also a programme filled with activities for children.


© VDL - David Laurent

5. Attend "The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra"

What: Musical adventure for kids
Philharmonie, 1 Pl. de l'Europe, 1499 Luxembourg
When: Saturday, 27 November at 11am - info & tickets

Gosh, orchestras are big things, aren't they? Well, here's a fun and interactive way for your kids to learn more about them (as well as us adults?). Along with moderation and proper storytelling, these young audience get to know the individual instruments of the orchestra - and not just any orchestra, but the full Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra is seated on stage!


© Keong-A Song

6. Book a (group) tour of the new stadium

What: Behind the scenes
Stade de Luxembourg, 100 Bd de Kockelscheuer, 1821 Luxembourg
Several dates, but available as of December - info & tickets

Ever wanted to see the press area, VIP rooms and other not-so-obvious sections of Luxembourg's new stadium? Or take a seat on the coaching bench? Walk alongside the pitch? Book a slot in one of the organised tours as of December, or book your own for groups of max 10 people for a total price of €80 - a pretty solid deal! Tickets are available as of 29 November at luxembourg-city.com.


© Gaël Arellano

7. Get stuffed during bread baking weekends

What: Come hungry!
Mudam, 3 Park Drai Eechelen, 1499 Luxembourg
Weekends in front of Mudam - info here

Is there anything more soothing and satisfying than baking (and eating) bread? We think not. On weekends between now and February, a wood-fired oven is in place in front of Mudam. Daniel Wagener and his colleagues will be making dough and baking bread - on Saturdays the dough is prepped, and baked on Sunday mornings. Of course they can also be sampled and purchased, with all profits going to charity.


Have we missed anything? Let us know at contenttoday@rtl.lu