The Dutch stand from the International Bazar are putting on an open air flower fair this Sunday (3 October). Come along!

The International Bazar (or Bazar International de Luxembourg, as you may know it) is an annual tradition with a history spanning over 60 years, and a firm favourite with expats and locals alike (not least yours truly).

Last year it was sadly cancelled due to the pandemic, and while we don't know if it will be back this year.. that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of Bazar-related activities going down, and we'll be introducing you to each of them - starting with the Duch open air flower fair!

The stand - located at the Dutch Ambassador's resdience on 138 Rue des Muguets in Luxembourg City, and open from 12pm until 6pm on Sunday 3 October - will of course have plenty of flower bulbs on sale (the Dutch and their tulips, you know) but also a variety of Dutch snacks, cheese, beer, creative kids activities and more.

In short, there will be fun for the whole family - and as with every Bazar event, it's all done to support the charitable nature of the Bazar and all of its (volunteer) stands.

There are more Bazar events coming, and we'll be introducing each of them as their dates approach.. so stay tuned!