What do you do with a giant promotional potato after it's done touring the US to promote potatoes? Turn it into an AirBnB rental.

The Idaho Potato Commission are a creative bunch. They made a giant potato and sent it around the states to promote potatoes over the course of several years. Potatoes finally and thoroughly promoted, it was time for the giant potato tour to end. But it's not quite retirement time for the giant spud yet.

Inside the giant potato / © Otto Kitsinger/Idaho Potato Commission/AirBnB

Firmly planted on a piece of Idaho's fine potato soil, they've now turned it into a surprisingly fancy (on the inside) looking AirBnB rental property.

More potato nonsense

Idaho Potato Commission's creativity doesn't end there - they've also put out a quiz that helps determine what kind of potato you are. This editor is a baked potato, and proud of it.